Hobby Complex 2008

Hobby Complex 2008

Sorry for the late post again, still busy with work ^^

Anyway, I went to my first Hobby Complex event last week and met up with TokyoHunter, KenLee, Danny Choo and Gordon. They have their coverage of the events too, check it out. Thanks to those also that link back to my blog despite my lack of update lately.

The event was much smaller compare to Wonder Festival, but still it is big enough that I only manage to take half of the booths before I’m tired and went back.

Too bad most of the stuff in the event are resin then pvc models. You really need a lot of time, dedication and skills to pull it off. Here are some videos on YouTube if you are interested. For me I prefer this type of event, as I’m more interested in taking photos. Resin kits are usually more detailed too which are great for macro photography.

The first image above is my favorite resin Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere) from the event, just look at the amount of detail went into it (semi translucent wings, armor, face).

For the rest I have hand pick the best shots I have from my collection. You can view the entire collection on my Flickr account (including some nsfw which need correct level to view). See the rest after the jump …

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Final Fantasy Dissida Wallpaper (JumpFesta 09′)

Ok… I’m suppose to be in my bed right now. But my nocturnal nature awaken when I saw this photo from TokyoHunter’s Jump Festa post.

So after a few hours of photoshop to try and get the right spot, I present to you Final Fantasy Dissidia poster wallpaper. Sorry for the only creating one resolution, if you want it on your size just leave a comment :).

As for the size, 1440×900 is the largest size allowable. I’m pretty nickpick about quality :P. Unless someone can provide me with bigger picture.

FF Dissidia Poster (FS ver.)

1440 x 900 Widescreen (Fullscreen crop version)

FF Dissidia Poster (LB ver.)

1440 x 900 Widescreen (Letterbox full version)

Jump Festa 2009

Jump Festa 2009

Finally got back to blogging, well kind of. Lets leave that later 🙂

So I attended my first ever Jump Festa this year. I wasn’t really prepare for it and thought it was a small event (few people). Tokyo Hunter told me about the event and I decided to go with him. He has pictures and more information from the event, check it out.

Since I got no exclusive hunting to do, I decided to go there a little bit later hoping to avoid the crowds. But …

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Hachijojima Trip

The is a public holiday for Japan on Monday. So I decided to go for a 3 day vacation at Hachijojima.

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Chara Hobby 2008 (Part III)

Chara Hobby 2008

This is the Part 3 of Chara Hobby 2008 coverage and the final one which will cover those not covered in the previous parts. Most of them are the dolls, cosplayers, random items and the event itself.

This year Chara Hobby was pretty much the same as the last one, but I think it is smaller this time around. Probably because I went on different day/market.

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Chara Hobby 2008 (Part II)

Chara Hobby 2008

Here comes Part 2 of Chara Hobby 2008 event. Time for some mecha photos. Oh and the photo above is the Gunpla maker as you can see. If they can just do a 144/1 scale of it …

I didn’t take some of the Bandai stuff as most of them already appeared in my Gundam Expo 2008 coverage.

I spend more time now to group related photo together, it literally took me hours including the filtering (-_-) and it’s 4am now (*_*). Hope you don’t mind if there is any photo misplaced. I will try to put more information later on.

As usual all the photos are in my flickr account as well.

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Chara Hobby 2008 (Part I)

Chara Hobby 2008

Here is my coverage for this year Chara Hobby 2008 event. This mark the last of the August hobby event rush. Since there are too many photos, I have to seperate this coverage to 3 parts – figures (which is this one), mecha and others.

Before I go further,
This coverage is brought to you by DannyChoo and AkihabaraNews. They also have coverage of their own as well so do check them out. Tokyo Hunter also have his coverage posted.

I did not manage to get my new layout ready yet for this post but will soon. During the transition, there might be some layout quirks here and there. All photos and the rest are in my flickr account as well.

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