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FFXIII Fang’s Retro Apple

FFXIII Fang's Retro Apple

Slightly modified version of A Weathered Apple with Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Yun Fang. Designed specifically for OSX desktop where Fang is sitting on top of the dock. [Update: Made one for Windows too]

Download and Fang’s original tattoo version / Windows version after the break…

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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete + Final Fantasy XIII Trial Set First Look

FF VII Advent Children Complete Front

Howdy guys, I know I have been neglecting on blogging recently but I just got busy with work (still at it..) and will be moving back to my country soon to take a chance on a new career opportunity.

So one last thing that I might get while still in Japan is of course the just released Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete + Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set ( long..). I have posted some pictures of what you will get from the set first, review maybe in a day or few.

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Final Fantasy Dissida Wallpaper (JumpFesta 09′)

Ok… I’m suppose to be in my bed right now. But my nocturnal nature awaken when I saw this photo from TokyoHunter’s Jump Festa post.

So after a few hours of photoshop to try and get the right spot, I present to you Final Fantasy Dissidia poster wallpaper. Sorry for the only creating one resolution, if you want it on your size just leave a comment :).

As for the size, 1440×900 is the largest size allowable. I’m pretty nickpick about quality :P. Unless someone can provide me with bigger picture.

FF Dissidia Poster (FS ver.)

1440 x 900 Widescreen (Fullscreen crop version)

FF Dissidia Poster (LB ver.)

1440 x 900 Widescreen (Letterbox full version)

TGS 2007 Booth Babes and the rest

Alright, here are the rest of the photos from the previous Tokyo Game Show 2007, sorry it took so long to post the follow up as I was swamped with work this entire week. Not much photo as many didn’t turn up well due to the underground bunker like lighting. So lets start with the only thing that don’t have “no photo” tag on them.

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Tokyo Game Show 2007

Went to TGS today which is the last day for the business day. Reach there early morning, about half and hour before opening. Even for business day the queue is still quite long, but not longer than Wonder Festival held earlier this year. As do previous TGS, the hall was really dark and no photo sign everywhere on every stall. So please bare with me with just the few photo I manage to salvage from.

I will split or update this post by section, as I need to sort out the photos and maybe go take it again (didn’t capture enough booths >_<) when I go again on public day.

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Akiba Weekend

SONY DSLR-A100 with Tamron 18-250mm
[18mm @ ISO 100, 1/40 sec, f/8.0] and C-PL filter

It’s been a while since my last visit to Akihabara, usually I just go to Yodobashi-Akiba grab my stuff and go back (convenient and fast). Decided to drop by the ol’ Akiba again today to grab my copy of Heavenly Sword and Warhawk for my PS3 which is in a serious need of a workout.

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Well, I’m back hehe. As usual I was preoccupied with my stuff and blogging was put aside for a while. Last weekend was pretty wild at my place with typhoon and the earthquake that struck Niigata Prefecture which gave me the longest left-right swing (~4 min) ride. And I just continue on sleeping only to found out later there is a huge quake at Niigata LOL.

Again, usual Akiba visit today to get some stuff for my friends in Malaysia. See the stuff I got after the jump 😉

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