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FFXIII Fang’s Retro Apple

FFXIII Fang's Retro Apple

Slightly modified version of A Weathered Apple with Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Yun Fang. Designed specifically for OSX desktop where Fang is sitting on top of the dock. [Update: Made one for Windows too]

Download and Fang’s original tattoo version / Windows version after the break…

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Moshi Clearguard Review

Moshi Clearguard

Ever since I have gotten my new Macbook Pro (Late ’08/Unibody) I have been constantly worried about dust getting into the keyboard. As the keyboard is built in with the body, any cleaning or malfunction will require disassemble of the entire unit body then unscrewing tens of tiny screws and possibly void your warranty as well. I buy a laptop to be used, not constantly worried about it.

So I went and do what everyone would. Get a thin silicon keyboard protector sheet that will cover the entire keyboard. At that time, there weren’t many to choose from so I grab whatever comes first. I’ve tried from disposable single use thin plastics sheets to silicon cover. But it was not reusable, blurs/block lettering and backlight or gives you mushy feeling when typing.

I then came across on Moshi Clearguard when I was looking to see if anyone is having any problem with unprotected keyboard as I was giving up on the protector. I took the final bet on Moshi Clearguard as it looks like it was design without the issues I have with other keyboard protector.

See what I like about it and not after the jump.

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My OSX Desktop

My OSX Desktop

I switched to Mac recently due to my dying Windows laptop. Even though the new OS did alienated me for a while I got the hang of it soon after.

There is so many things to tweak on the already appealing desktop. So after hours of tweaking around some tools found on lifehacker and the awesome flickr community I found my desktop.

Behind the scenes:
Praedestinatio wallpaper by =taenaron

Configuration and references:
– GeekTool and BowTie config inspired by Dommm.
Kinkless Desktop GTD by Ethan.

Some notes on Kinkless Desktop, I love it!
I used to have a very messy desktop (as in wallpaper of icons), now I only have 4 folders :). I did not use the self deletion of file as suggested and do it myself. Once I see the item number increase in the inbox I tend to go in and clean it. I used this now for my Windows copy as well and so far, no messy desktop yet.