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Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Rocked Malaysia!

Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 - Malaysia

Went to Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 concert yesterday night (Sunday) and while it is my first concert ever, I think it is the best as we get to see May’n up close and personal as the venue is not so big. Both me, the fans and May’n really give their best and enjoying every second of it!

KL Live at Life Center Kuala Lumpur

The venue for the concert was at the KL Live at Live Center, Kuala Lumpur. Though it looks a bit run down as the building was a ex-club turned international concert venue.
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Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! in Malaysia!


Just got the ticket for my very first concert right here in Malaysia. So glad May’n buchou decided to came here where most would normally skip and go Singapore instead.

The concert will be held at KL Live this 7th March 8pm. After this kickoff May’n will be heading to Hong Kong and finally Taiwan.

There will be a special appearance by May’n tomorrow (Saturday) at Sunway Piramid ANIME TECH…
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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete + Final Fantasy XIII Trial Set First Look

FF VII Advent Children Complete Front

Howdy guys, I know I have been neglecting on blogging recently but I just got busy with work (still at it..) and will be moving back to my country soon to take a chance on a new career opportunity.

So one last thing that I might get while still in Japan is of course the just released Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete + Final Fantasy XIII Trial Version Set ( long..). I have posted some pictures of what you will get from the set first, review maybe in a day or few.

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Jump Festa 2009

Jump Festa 2009

Finally got back to blogging, well kind of. Lets leave that later 🙂

So I attended my first ever Jump Festa this year. I wasn’t really prepare for it and thought it was a small event (few people). Tokyo Hunter told me about the event and I decided to go with him. He has pictures and more information from the event, check it out.

Since I got no exclusive hunting to do, I decided to go there a little bit later hoping to avoid the crowds. But …

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Evangelion Chronicles

I was suppose to go to Aoyama Spiral Garden (青山スパイラルガーデン) for the FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY Gallery today but was postponed tomorrow (lost my way there T_T) as the people from the electric power company was coming today.

After that was done, I have my late lunch outside and I stopped by Shosen bookstore on my way back. Since I got nothing better to do today I might as well go and have a look inside. There were 2 floors and the top one are filled with manga, art, hobby books etc. It was huge! I never came across so many manga in a store since I came to Japan (well, I never went in most of the time since almost all of the books are in japanese).

As of late, I’ve been really into Evangelion. Maybe because of the upcoming live movie or the new Revoltech Eva figures or just for old time sake. My first anime DVD boxset was Evangelion too, but the quality wasn’t really good as it was subbed by some taiwan company I never even heard of.

I saw Evangelion Chronicles by Sony Magazine issue 29th there as well, and at only 690 yen, I bought it and took some photos of it for you guys. 😉

Sorry, I got no scanner here so I use the closest thing I have, my dslr camera and my tripod.

More photos after the jump. Click on the images it for larger hi-res version.

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