Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Rocked Malaysia!

Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 - Malaysia

Went to Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Asia Tour 2010 concert yesterday night (Sunday) and while it is my first concert ever, I think it is the best as we get to see May’n up close and personal as the venue is not so big. Both me, the fans and May’n really give their best and enjoying every second of it!

KL Live at Life Center Kuala Lumpur

The venue for the concert was at the KL Live at Live Center, Kuala Lumpur. Though it looks a bit run down as the building was a ex-club turned international concert venue.

Here are some pictures I manage to get there, please pardon the really low quality as I only take them using my iPhone 3GS.


Q Start here

Q Starting to build up - should be 1 more hour before the concert start

[REDACTED]: Sorry guys, I have to remove the image on the concert as it is unauthorized to post any images that if not official.

Right about now they said photography is prohibited as expected so I will try to summarize the concert in words. Throughout the concert May’n sang most of the songs on the “Styles” album and “Universal Bunny” mini-album.

It started with the dancers hitting off the stage with awesome moves which then lead to a really cool transition to May’n singing “Welcome To My FanClub’s Night!”. Everyone started cheering like there is no tomorrow ^^’. May’n woo us with really great performance and cute smiles ❤

It's cool that they choose mostly all my favorite song by May'n including Get Ready!, キミシニタモウコトナカレ, Diamond Crevasse, Deep Breathing, パラノイア , M-Revolution, YOUR ROCK, pink monsoon, and キミシニタモウコトナカレ.

On the later stage, May'n started teaching us how to dance with her with XYZ song and it was really great as everyone doing the same moves as May'n. That was the climax for the concert, soon after that May'n went waves us goodbye and went off stage and stage light went dim. That's it? then every one started shouted encore will all their might.. to mo ippai (one more time) and encore again lol.. one of the spotlight slowly brighten up slowly when we shouted..

BAM! Spotlight back and May'n came back with the same song that make her fame skyrocket "Lion"! then May'n☆Space. After that, is THE best moment on the concert as May'n started to speak to us in Japanese (as real from her heart) and not reversed English.

My brother who was on the 2nd row has heard most of it and translated on his blog, so here is the excerpt:

May’N : I am so happy that you all came to see me tonight! , I love Malaysia food especially nasi lemak and pisang goreng! This is the first stop of my tour Big WaaaaVeeee!!! Malaysia! (rofl)

May’N : (she starts to switch to jap) I’m not sure if you all could understand what I’m trying to say, but I really want to wish you all a very sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for this overwhelming support that you all have given me.

May’N : (almost crying) I can see all of your eyes sparkling in this concert and it really gives me the power to perform to my best~!, I’m not sure how well my tour well go for Hong Kong and Taipei, I am also doubting myself if I can be an International superstar… but seeing you all here has given me the greatest confidence there is!

May’N : Even though Malaysia and Japan is far away, but my song will link us together! the distance between us will always be close…

May’N : For the final time I want to see all of your faces! , Malaysia is great!! I will come back again given the chance! See you all again =”)

May’n almost started to cry at this time [T.T] and gives us a final gift with “Heart & Soul” and boy was this song MADE FOR THIS MOMENT. I didn’t really figure out what is this song trying to deliver when I was listening it on CD but it is completely different feeling on the concert and it made me cry [>_<]. Awesome!!

That was the end for the concert and although this is only my first live concert I'm really enjoying to the max and lots of unforgettable memory. Truly this shows that music is the world language.

May'n you are the BEST! Thank you for visiting Malaysia. Thanks also for all the hard working crew to make this a success, we won't forget you guys! Please come again! 😀

Bye Bye!


6 responses to “Mayʼn BIG☆WAAAAAVE!! Rocked Malaysia!

  1. Hi, I went there too, it was a whole lot of fun. Alot of friendly concert goers and give good support through out the show. Hopefully she’ll be back again. It was a blast!

  2. @nekotails: Yeah! all of them are pump up from start till the end, really enjoyable 😀

    Hope next time they step up a bit on publicity as I nearly missed it until my friend told me 2 days before the concert!

  3. F ck tard Malaysian. Like to take pictured during concert. Don’t know what is copyright?

  4. I didn’t take any during the concert… [=__=]

  5. well, all the concert photos were taken down already, only left the part outside of the concert

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