Final Fantasy Dissida Wallpaper (JumpFesta 09′)

Ok… I’m suppose to be in my bed right now. But my nocturnal nature awaken when I saw this photo from TokyoHunter’s Jump Festa post.

So after a few hours of photoshop to try and get the right spot, I present to you Final Fantasy Dissidia poster wallpaper. Sorry for the only creating one resolution, if you want it on your size just leave a comment :).

As for the size, 1440×900 is the largest size allowable. I’m pretty nickpick about quality :P. Unless someone can provide me with bigger picture.

FF Dissidia Poster (FS ver.)

1440 x 900 Widescreen (Fullscreen crop version)

FF Dissidia Poster (LB ver.)

1440 x 900 Widescreen (Letterbox full version)


2 responses to “Final Fantasy Dissida Wallpaper (JumpFesta 09′)

  1. Hi, you did a very good job !!!
    Thanks !!!!!!!!
    But i want to have this picture large enough to do it as poster in my room, so can you tell me please how to resize it ??????? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee

  2. @Djidane: Thanks, but unfortunately I only have that small resolution as it was a crop from a photo. You can try image processing software or any online resizing tool to resize it to your size but the quality will degrade the more you enlarge it.

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