Hachijojima Trip

The is a public holiday for Japan on Monday. So I decided to go for a 3 day vacation at Hachijojima.

12 Sept – 21:44

Lining up for the ferry – trip is going to take 11 hours to reach.

On the ferry now

That is the Odaiba famous Rainbow Bridge.

Moving away from Tokyo.

Passing under rainbow bridge now

Lots of people!!

Signal is weakening.. Hope there is signal on the island so I can continue to blog.

Awesome view.

Moving around 30 km/h around Tokyo Bay

Midnight moonlight..

13 Sept – 00:42

Me – Blue dot
Hachijojima (八丈島) – Purple pin

13 Sept – 05:00

At Miyagejima now


Hachijoujima Ahoy!

Our camp site


Mini palm trees

Mini cars!

Some engrish

The burger shop

Going to see glow in the dark mushroom tonight

14 Sept – 00:00

Glow in the dark mushroom postpone till tomorrow. We went into a lava tunnel instead, I only went in part of as I didn’t bring my headgear and sneakers.

Some more photos before my iPhone battery is dead.


8 responses to “Hachijojima Trip

  1. i’m still wondering what to do this weekend!!

  2. @k: Great whether this long weekend ^^ , well at least the bottom part of Tokyo. Just missed the typhoon. iPhone is just wonderful now!

  3. you’re really utilize it fully uh! more pictures pls!

  4. wow bro…should at least snap the glow in the dark mushroom closer mah…..never seen it in malaysia before le….:P…so went there with whom la?

  5. Get ready to explore more places. The bunch of monkeys are coming on board the first Air Asia flight to Japan.

  6. it’s been a while since you last posted! i’ve moved to wordpress now btw, same address. ^^

  7. @k: ^_^’ been on haitus from blogging for a while. Currently busy on something, should be back by November.

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