Wonder Festival 2008 Summer (live)

NOTE: This is a live blog straight from Odaiba Tokyo BIG SIGHT right now so this post will be very draft until I edit later on. This post will be updated with photos I took from there soon after I process it. Sorry for the mess, still not used to live blogging. I figure I leave this as it is and open up a new post.

The next coverage is up, check out:

0705: Reach Kokusai-Tenjoji station.

0720: Line of people, still going on until the next station! I’m guessing there is around 2000 or more people.

0730: Reached the end of the line. There are some shaded trees here so at least I won’t bake under the hot sun.



0900: 1 more hour till opening. There are some info on live coverage pouring in at Danny’s blog.


0915: Line is moving 🙂 … and now I will bake under the sun.


0943: Line stop moving for a while now. Tokyo is now at high 31 Celcius (@_@)

1020: Almost there.


Inside.. But so packed, revoltech seems to sold out. At yujin now.








Line is moving really slow. In the meantime this is the cool white saber figma going for 10490 yen with the game.


Coverage will pause ftm, my hands are all occupied.


Max factory.. Got the pumpkin nendriod. More pictures when I return, I took mostly PVC though, it is too big here



14 responses to “Wonder Festival 2008 Summer (live)

  1. がんばて。。 v(^_^)b

  2. @TinyRedMan: ありがとう (^_^)

  3. Man… looks so hot there….

  4. Do they have air conditioning inside ?

  5. haha.. fully utilized your iphone + softbank coverage uh..kekekeke

  6. @louki: yup, but it is as good as none

  7. Got sell ARX-8?

  8. There are pics up of the Alter booth at Figure/GK, hope you get some as well and confirm what I saw of a KOS-MOS Swimsuit ver. and how much it sells for or when it is being released.

    MF, Orchid Seed, GSC and Koto booths would also be appreciated. Thanks for the help! 🙂

  9. Gah… figma Saber Lily… must get somehow. And the Yoko cosplayer look kinda skinny. XD

    Nice Live Coverage btw.

  10. what you bought man

  11. @Bruce Lee: I didn’t see they sell it, they only have ARX-8 on display. I need to wait for them to ship back my stuff. I think I got the Yoko by Wave, Nendoroid No.41 Melissa Seraphy (the cute pumpkin), some Gurren Laggan Artbook and saber figma (not the white one, normal one. It is cheaper a bit)

    @Panther: I got some photos from Alter booth and I think I did take some KOS-MOS, not sure it is the swimsuit version or not. I try to get the release info. I did take some from MF, Orchid Seed, GSC and Koto as well 🙂

    @Deathy: Too bad they only came with the game which will be on sale on October. Yeah, I got a better Yoko cosplay in my photo stack.

  12. can’t wait to see you pics! i must have waltzed past you without even knowing it ><

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