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Chara Hobby 2008 (Part I)

Chara Hobby 2008

Here is my coverage for this year Chara Hobby 2008 event. This mark the last of the August hobby event rush. Since there are too many photos, I have to seperate this coverage to 3 parts – figures (which is this one), mecha and others.

Before I go further,
This coverage is brought to you by DannyChoo and AkihabaraNews. They also have coverage of their own as well so do check them out. Tokyo Hunter also have his coverage posted.

I did not manage to get my new layout ready yet for this post but will soon. During the transition, there might be some layout quirks here and there. All photos and the rest are in my flickr account as well.

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Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008

Gundam Expo Tokyo 2008

Went to Gundam Expo yesterday at Sunshine City, I was expecting to just stroll in like I did last time but what I find is a long queue at the entrance. You can see the previous coverage here.

Not much new things this time around except for a few big dioramas and the long awaited second season of Gundam 00. This photo article will be separated according to the event zones.

If you have problems loading all the images in this page, try my flickr account.

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Wonder Festival 2008 Summer (Part II)

Wonder Festival 2008

As promised, here is the second half of the Wonder Festival 2008 Summer coverage which will cover mostly resin kits.

Back a year ago, on my first Wonder Festival I didn’t know clearly what is PVC and Resin/Garage Kit and found out the hard way by purchasing a VOLKS garage kit. I was shocked and dumbfounded when I opened it and there is like hundreds of mini parts with no joints or painted.

I did a few research on the internet and see a couple of youtube on how to assemble it, yet I can’t seem to get around it.

Right.. on to the coverage.
Some of the photos were set to moderate level on flickr so if you want to see it on full resolution you will need to login to your flickr account and set your profile.

Also if you have problems in loading the images on the page you can try my flickr gallery instead.

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Wonder Festival 2008 Summer (Part I)

Wonder Festival 2008

I have to split the coverage into 2 parts, first part will cover most of the big manufacturers which concentrates on PVC. I tried to sort it according to the manufacturer this time around rather then just putting it all in one.

Meet up with Tokyo Hunter, Danny Choo and Foo Bar Baz as well – they have coverage of the event also.

Those with slower line might want to try my flickr gallery as they have smaller thumbnails.

Also thanks for the visit, I just broke my daily view per day. Even more then my previous WonFes coverage.

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Wonder Festival 2008 Summer (live)

NOTE: This is a live blog straight from Odaiba Tokyo BIG SIGHT right now so this post will be very draft until I edit later on. This post will be updated with photos I took from there soon after I process it. Sorry for the mess, still not used to live blogging. I figure I leave this as it is and open up a new post.

The next coverage is up, check out:

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Uchimizukko 2008

Uchimizukko 2008

Today I meet up with Tokyo Hunter again at Akihabara for some shopping, I found out from him that there is the Uchimizukko event soon. I miss it last year and I didn’t have my camera with me then, so I rushed all the way back to get it.

What is Uchimizukko?

I’m not sure why they called it that (anyone?) but it is a old custom of sprinkling water with a bucket of water on the street to cool it down. More about it here and last year Uchimizu coverage by Danny Choo and Tokyo Hunter.

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