My take on the iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Front

Finally, got some time off and update my blog again. Next month is going to be pretty hectic as events are popping here and there with no slowdown except me. So before that I want to get off some of the stuff that I wanted to blog but put on hold.

Yup, I got it. After freaking 12 hours wait I finally got the iPhone that I wanted since they announced the first version. So much that I got an iPod touch to get the feel and waited through the night for the WWDC 2008 on the iPhone 3G announcement from all the live blogs.

Sure you have heard about the 1500 people lining up for it on the first day and so much for the misleading 91% Japanese people not interested about iPhone. I am not in that crowd though, as I still have work to do unfortunately.



After work though, I pack up drinks and mat and went to the Softbank flagship shop at Omotesando and wait for it. The entire night, 10pm-10am. This is THE longest queue I had in my life and sleeping on concrete floor? Not really the nicest thing in the world.

So now to my review of iPhone 3G, is it worth my wait?

iPhone 3G WhiteiPhone 3G “Panda” White Back

iPhone 3G SideiPhone 3G “Panda” White Side

iPhone 3G TopiPhone 3G “Panda” White Top

iPhone 3G BottomiPhone 3G “Panda” White Bottom

On the front, nothing much has changed from the previous iPhone. It is still the scratch resistance (not proof!) multi-touch screen but still a fingerprint magnet. I did found a solution to this tough, get a matte type of screen protector (or anti-glare) and no more fingerprints! unless well you want to know who touch your screen.

The back tough was a different story, now its is a hard coated plastics. On the black version it has the fingerprint problem, and on the white there have been some reports of visible cracks but I have not seen it on mine yet.

Headphone jack is now flush with the body so you can use any headphone without the need for another adapter. The external speaker has also changed to a louder version it seems. Also I notice there is an improvement to the audio compare to my iPod touch on my premium headphones 🙂

It haz found me noess...

Scott, beam me up.

GPS, seems to work well when it does locked in. It looks like there is some problem with the GPS system here in Japan at the moment.

Pretty cool, very useful when I am lost in Tokyo er.. most of the time. 😛

The phone unfotunately, still lack even the most basic things for japanese phone like emoji (japanese emoticons), QR reader and MMS. That’s ok for me, as my aim was more of a net device and this one feeds my need.

The mobile browser on this device is the closest thing you can get right now to a desktop browser. No flash support yet though.

Next, the new iPhone Mac OSX 2.0 delivers the new App Store which basically lets you purchased and install 3rd party software directly onto the phone. What great is, most of the software are free and there are some that are really useful.

Download, install then run.

Download, install then run.

Location based twitter client

Location based twitter client

So hopefully some of the features that are lacking (e.g. QR code reader) might make up by 3rd party software. Can’t wait to see what hundreds of developer are creating right now.

As for me? I can’t wait to get my own mac and start playing with the SDK. This is one interesting platform to play with 😀

(p.s. now if someone will create a Augmented Reality figure for the iPhone..)

Update: No way! right after I posted this WordPress guys said that a WordPress app for iPhone is coming out soon out and kicking. Live blogging is.. “smell it, smell it, take it!”


4 responses to “My take on the iPhone 3G

  1. I’ve decided to wait for the 32GB one 😉

  2. @ Danny, that might be good too maybe they will add in a better battery which I forget to talk about.

    The battery can only last up to 5 hours max in real world usage. Though saying that, it is still longer then most 3G net device.

    They are external battery pack that you can get to charge it on the go. I got one 4,400mAh one from FILCO that can full charge my iPhone more then twice.

  3. panda version? Noooooooo… it’s the stroomtrooper version ^^. the other’s the sith lord version. haha. have you found hairline cracks on the back of your iphone? you can get it changed. i just got my “new” iphone. smooth.

  4. @k: LOL that panda word must have stucked onto my head from some youtube video.

    I quickly checked mine after I read your post. No cracks yet.. “knocks wood”. It is nice to know you can exchange for a new one ^^

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