Monthly Archives: July 2008

Summer Akihabara, Tokyo and Festival Weekend

Foxy babe

Got your attention? just kidding hehe.

The most anticipate month is almost here, festival are coming up and hobby events just around the corner (next week actually). So this is really my last free weekend before I will be busy sorting photos and uploading it.

So I meet up with a fellow comrade Tokyo Hunter (nice guy!) today for a little shopping at Akihabara.

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My take on the iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Front

Finally, got some time off and update my blog again. Next month is going to be pretty hectic as events are popping here and there with no slowdown except me. So before that I want to get off some of the stuff that I wanted to blog but put on hold.

Yup, I got it. After freaking 12 hours wait I finally got the iPhone that I wanted since they announced the first version. So much that I got an iPod touch to get the feel and waited through the night for the WWDC 2008 on the iPhone 3G announcement from all the live blogs.

Sure you have heard about the 1500 people lining up for it on the first day and so much for the misleading 91% Japanese people not interested about iPhone. I am not in that crowd though, as I still have work to do unfortunately.

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