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Tokyo Hanami 2008

Night Hanami
Hanami in Yoyogi Night Hanami

Well it is my favorite season again, spring is here and sakura (cherry blossom) is right at its peak now. This time I went to the Yoyogi Park and then to Chidorigafuchi in Tokyo.

I was lucky to bring my tripod along and the night view is simply amazing! The shot above was one of them, no post processing was done to it. That is right off the camera and what I see that night.

Just like any events in Japan, there is like a long queue (really long!) of people lining up just to see the sakura. I go ahead and went the other way around and avoid it.

See the rest of the photos of sakura after the jump..

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Upcoming Spring Headphone Festival

Sorry guys for the lack of update, just that I’ve been busy with work and all. Now that is almost done I can start reviving my blog again.

I stumble upon a really cool event for a headphone lovers like me. 🙂
Seems there is a Spring Headphone Festival in SunPlaza this coming 19th April. Looks interesting, well at least the poster looks cool haha. 😀