Tokyo Game Show 2007

Went to TGS today which is the last day for the business day. Reach there early morning, about half and hour before opening. Even for business day the queue is still quite long, but not longer than Wonder Festival held earlier this year. As do previous TGS, the hall was really dark and no photo sign everywhere on every stall. So please bare with me with just the few photo I manage to salvage from.

I will split or update this post by section, as I need to sort out the photos and maybe go take it again (didn’t capture enough booths >_<) when I go again on public day.

So let start with the loot that I took back with me, mostly are booklets on the games they are promoting in TGS. Since most booth have the dreaded “no photo” sign, these booklets are the closest source I can get for the game screen.

Boy.. all these are as heavy as my camera stuff. Now my leg hurts because of carrying it around for hours (x_x). If you are going to TGS, try not to bring too many things as they will unload all these booklets and promo stuff on you like they get commission for it. Do they?

These are some poster I got from there, Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword which I got for playing the demo on TECMO booth, Assassins Creed from Microsoft booth and Guilty Gear 2: Overture from Arc System Works.

Some Metal Gear Solid 4 booklet from Konami booth. Pretty cool booklet, definitely a keeper. The fan was a gift for trying out MGS4 demo. I waited like, 45min in line, 10min briefing (pretty cool, feels like I’m in Disneyland ride) and finally playing the demo for 20min.

Oh yeah, the demo booth also uses the new DUALSHOCK 3 (new PS3 rumble controller). I admit, I really miss rumble now. And the demo, seems the be using the same stage as the trailer (old one maybe). It still have the MGS feels to it, though I still prefer blasting guys right upfront and ended up alerting the entire army in that town LOL.

Another new IP by Konami for Nintendo DS. Seems to be something like Phoenix Wright?

Upcoming Haruhi Suzumiya game for PS2.

Below is a quick look on Playstation catalogue,

White Knight Story

Dynasty Warriors 6

Now on Square-Enix booklet,

Some hitters on 360’s,

The Eye of Judgment for PS3,

I got this for trying out the Devil May Cry 4 PS3 demo booth. The game is very, very, very, pretty yet it still feels like the ol’ dante gameplay 🙂

Alright, I will post the next section sometime around tomorrow you can now see the rest of it here.


5 responses to “Tokyo Game Show 2007

  1. my god……. what is that game in the ndsl’s screen?

  2. @woaychee & Jason: Should be the upcoming Dragon Quest games for NDS. It is the on the same page as its above image. *Look lower right corner*

  3. the graphic look nicer compare to heroes of mana! aaron, try that game!

  4. Nice loot from the event, wish I could’ve gone! Ace Combat 6 looks the most interesting to me.

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