Demb Flash Diffuser Pro

Look at what drop in my doorstep when I came back. My Demb Flash Diffuser Pro has arrived! just in time for Tokyo Game Show too. I have been looking for a diffuser for my newly bought flash and stumble later on a few sites like Strobist(very good off-camera lighting blog), Peter Gregg’s A Better Bounce Card(DIY, cheap and works), Lumiquest, Gary Fong LightSphere(not bad, but I need something more compact) and then there is the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro which is what I got.

The package comes with Flip-it! and the diffuser which when combine becomes the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro.

The diffuser is made of soft plastic so you can store it away easily.

This is what it looks like when attached on my Sony HVL-F56AM flash without the diffuser part.

On the back, retro red (played too much Heavenly Sword, I just love red now) . I’m just waiting for people to ask me “What is that ninja thing you have that on your flash?”

With the diffuser.

Test fire without diffuser.

Test fire with diffuser. Now my flash is a bare bulb 🙂

Now.. test subject. No cat or dog here and most of my figure are still in their comfy box, so I just use my usual Revoltech figure within my reach for now. Now I think many of you are still wondering what is diffuser all about. Remember my DIY macro studio with the table lamp and softbox? So basically it is the same principle, to soften the shadows.

Taken with camera built-in popup flash. Ughh.. look at that hard shadow.

Taken with the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro.

Taken with the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro, off-camera flash position around lower right.

Taken with the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro, off-camera flash position around top left.

Can’t wait to test this out at Tokyo Game Show 2007 this Friday. Been to one last year, the hall was in total darkness. Must take those booth babes…


2 responses to “Demb Flash Diffuser Pro

  1. Im going to try a white sock around the popup light today at TGS ^^;

  2. @Danny: Tissues work surprisingly well too ^^, just pump up the flash EV (Exposure Value). Can’t go today unfortunately, will go tomorrow.

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