Ramune (ラムネ)

Went out today to grab some extra battery and memory for my camera at Yodobashi-Akiba as my camera almost run out of power and space covering the previous events. Better invest in spares than no shots at all. A dedicated flashgun seems really good too, but its not cheap at all (T_T).

Anyway while I was done with the camera stuff I headed down Tokyo, Aoyama to look for the Spiral Garden building where FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY Gallery was held. I got a bad feeling about this as I didn’t really lookup the location, just a quick glance at their website. My hope for at least a map showing the building will be there; and yeah there is map, but the building is not listed (x_x).

After looking for about an hour around the station I gave up, I think some of the stuff it might show up at Tokyo Game Show next month just like what Gundam Tokyo Expo ’07 stuff appearing at Chara Hobby ’07.

Tired after all that when I got back, I grab myself a Ramune ( ラムネ) from my fridge I bought earlier. No, no, not the Lamune (ラムネ, there is no “La” in japanese, closest is “Ra (ラ)” ) from the slice-of-life anime. Ramune is a type of lemon-lime flavor soft drink with a “bottleneck” in the middle and glass marble in between it. It is a popular drink during the hot summer in Japan and widely consume in festivals.

Before you drink, you need to push the marble into the bottle. Very messy if you shake the bottle before as a whole lot gas and soda will rush out.

A closer look at the marble when it is inside, below the marble is the bottleneck or something like that

The marble when soda is fully consumed

Ramune bottle when soda is fully consumed

Here is the Ramune when it is fully disassemble. From top left, bottle cap, rubber washer holding the marble, glass marble, ramune bottle. You can see that the bottle is definitely reusable, I’m going to try cola next hehe.

Ramune, disassemble

According to wikipedia marble games started when children started removing the marble from the ramune bottle back when it was introduce in 1876.

The marble up-close, looks like Sauron’s eye to me

So what’s your favourite fizzy drink?


3 responses to “Ramune (ラムネ)

  1. wonder whether ramune reacts to mentos the same coke does

  2. @Jason: hmm.. interesting, with the marble inside.. Mentos Ramune Marble Gun? I still have some coke and mentos hehe.

  3. What brand of ramune is shown in the pictures, Most bottles of ramune are not threaded under the plastic top

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