Evangelion Chronicles

I was suppose to go to Aoyama Spiral Garden (青山スパイラルガーデン) for the FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY Gallery today but was postponed tomorrow (lost my way there T_T) as the people from the electric power company was coming today.

After that was done, I have my late lunch outside and I stopped by Shosen bookstore on my way back. Since I got nothing better to do today I might as well go and have a look inside. There were 2 floors and the top one are filled with manga, art, hobby books etc. It was huge! I never came across so many manga in a store since I came to Japan (well, I never went in most of the time since almost all of the books are in japanese).

As of late, I’ve been really into Evangelion. Maybe because of the upcoming live movie or the new Revoltech Eva figures or just for old time sake. My first anime DVD boxset was Evangelion too, but the quality wasn’t really good as it was subbed by some taiwan company I never even heard of.

I saw Evangelion Chronicles by Sony Magazine issue 29th there as well, and at only 690 yen, I bought it and took some photos of it for you guys. 😉

Sorry, I got no scanner here so I use the closest thing I have, my dslr camera and my tripod.

More photos after the jump. Click on the images it for larger hi-res version.

Mechanic Sheet

Character Sheet

Isato Katsuragi

Tactics Sheet

The scene on the left looks interesting to be recreate using my Revoltech’s

Timeline Sheet

Extra Sheet, looks more like Eva’s figure catalog

Extra Sheet, spin-off games

Extra Sheet, Locations

Hakone Yumuto Sta. (Hakone is only about 100km from Tokyo, hmm)

More info on the next 30th (last) issue and more figures

I wonder if I can get the entire issues after the last one came out. Looks interesting to be in the rest of my Evangelion collection.


13 responses to “Evangelion Chronicles

  1. I wish I could understand the text. -_-“

  2. Hey there, I found your blog via Danny Choo’s. I guess we share a common interest for photography and animation. Where in Tokyo are you working now ? :]

  3. blauereiter and xenohawk – we should get together sometime and talk otaku.

  4. I love NEG. Did you see Rei made it to the cover of Rolling Stone?

  5. @DanLen: I can’t most of it either (X_X). Need to get my japanese up to speed.

    @blauereiter, @Danny Choo: \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ, Yeah I think we should get together sometime too. I stay at Kawaguchi right now and work in Shinagawa during the weekdays.

  6. Shingwa is close – I’m in meguro. What time you usually knock off work?

  7. @Danny Choo: Oh, Meguro is about 7 min using JR Yamanote Line from Shinagawa. I usually knock off around 19:30 ~ 20:00, depending on my workload.

  8. Your site is the best!!
    Please link to this site.

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  10. Очень хороший и актуальный блог! Постоянный житель моего ридера 🙂

  11. Действительно интересно написано. Почти за душу цепляет, ну и заставляет задуматься над собственным блогом.

  12. Автор, а скажите а куда написать по поводу обмена ссылок (на какое мыло)?

  13. Давно искал эту информацию, Благодарю за Вашу работу.

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