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TGS 2007 Booth Babes and the rest

Alright, here are the rest of the photos from the previous Tokyo Game Show 2007, sorry it took so long to post the follow up as I was swamped with work this entire week. Not much photo as many didn’t turn up well due to the underground bunker like lighting. So lets start with the only thing that don’t have “no photo” tag on them.

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Tokyo Game Show 2007

Went to TGS today which is the last day for the business day. Reach there early morning, about half and hour before opening. Even for business day the queue is still quite long, but not longer than Wonder Festival held earlier this year. As do previous TGS, the hall was really dark and no photo sign everywhere on every stall. So please bare with me with just the few photo I manage to salvage from.

I will split or update this post by section, as I need to sort out the photos and maybe go take it again (didn’t capture enough booths >_<) when I go again on public day.

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Demb Flash Diffuser Pro

Look at what drop in my doorstep when I came back. My Demb Flash Diffuser Pro has arrived! just in time for Tokyo Game Show too. I have been looking for a diffuser for my newly bought flash and stumble later on a few sites like Strobist(very good off-camera lighting blog), Peter Gregg’s A Better Bounce Card(DIY, cheap and works), Lumiquest, Gary Fong LightSphere(not bad, but I need something more compact) and then there is the Demb Flash Diffuser Pro which is what I got.

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Akiba Weekend

SONY DSLR-A100 with Tamron 18-250mm
[18mm @ ISO 100, 1/40 sec, f/8.0] and C-PL filter

It’s been a while since my last visit to Akihabara, usually I just go to Yodobashi-Akiba grab my stuff and go back (convenient and fast). Decided to drop by the ol’ Akiba again today to grab my copy of Heavenly Sword and Warhawk for my PS3 which is in a serious need of a workout.

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Ramune (ラムネ)

Went out today to grab some extra battery and memory for my camera at Yodobashi-Akiba as my camera almost run out of power and space covering the previous events. Better invest in spares than no shots at all. A dedicated flashgun seems really good too, but its not cheap at all (T_T).

Anyway while I was done with the camera stuff I headed down Tokyo, Aoyama to look for the Spiral Garden building where FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY Gallery was held. I got a bad feeling about this as I didn’t really lookup the location, just a quick glance at their website. My hope for at least a map showing the building will be there; and yeah there is map, but the building is not listed (x_x).

After looking for about an hour around the station I gave up, I think some of the stuff it might show up at Tokyo Game Show next month just like what Gundam Tokyo Expo ’07 stuff appearing at Chara Hobby ’07.

Tired after all that when I got back, I grab myself a Ramune ( ラムネ) from my fridge I bought earlier. No, no, not the Lamune (ラムネ, there is no “La” in japanese, closest is “Ra (ラ)” ) from the slice-of-life anime. Ramune is a type of lemon-lime flavor soft drink with a “bottleneck” in the middle and glass marble in between it. It is a popular drink during the hot summer in Japan and widely consume in festivals.

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Evangelion Chronicles

I was suppose to go to Aoyama Spiral Garden (青山スパイラルガーデン) for the FINAL FANTASY VII 10th ANNIVERSARY Gallery today but was postponed tomorrow (lost my way there T_T) as the people from the electric power company was coming today.

After that was done, I have my late lunch outside and I stopped by Shosen bookstore on my way back. Since I got nothing better to do today I might as well go and have a look inside. There were 2 floors and the top one are filled with manga, art, hobby books etc. It was huge! I never came across so many manga in a store since I came to Japan (well, I never went in most of the time since almost all of the books are in japanese).

As of late, I’ve been really into Evangelion. Maybe because of the upcoming live movie or the new Revoltech Eva figures or just for old time sake. My first anime DVD boxset was Evangelion too, but the quality wasn’t really good as it was subbed by some taiwan company I never even heard of.

I saw Evangelion Chronicles by Sony Magazine issue 29th there as well, and at only 690 yen, I bought it and took some photos of it for you guys. 😉

Sorry, I got no scanner here so I use the closest thing I have, my dslr camera and my tripod.

More photos after the jump. Click on the images it for larger hi-res version.

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