Revoltech EVA-01 TYPE F Wallpaper

I messed around with my indoor fake studio yesterday while taking some pictures of the Revoltech Wonder Festival Special Edition. I still think the best Revoltech figure I have is the EVA-01 Type F AFC Experiment (not WF EVA ^^’, this one is based on the PS2 game while the WF EVA’s are from the New Movie Edition). I really like the material they used for its body which is unlike the rest that have shiny surfaces and its complexity.

So I dedicate my first try on figure wallpaper to EVA-01!
I’ve done some anime wallpapers back a few years ago, but stopped for a while. While anime wallpaper rely on high resolution scans and a lot of photoshoping, figure wallpaper is kinda the other way around. Instead of creating it on photoshop, I did it all outside and my trusty camera.

And the result …

Revoltech EVA-01 Type F

Read the rest for download…

The setup for the foreground in this is easy, I just bought that small house and some Potpourri at my local 100 yen shop. After taken the shot, it was post processed in Photoshop and this is where some problems crop up. Due to the small size of the figure, any dust will be magnified when it is full view.

You can easily see the dust here, urgh I can’t stand them.. shoo.

Using some method I used to clean up noisy anime scan I apply it here. For this figure, it’s mostly solid color and not much texture which is similar to anime characters so it is easy to clean up with the same method.

Ah.. much better.

Next, something is missing.. hm.

EVA looks like Energizer bunny without the battery

I don’t want to overdo it with effects and ruined the photography part of it..

I’ll give it a small jolt then 🙂

Alright, alright here is it.
If your resolution is not available you can request for it on your comment.

Regular Edition:

Special Widescreen Edition:
480×272 (PSP)Download


6 responses to “Revoltech EVA-01 TYPE F Wallpaper

  1. wah lao er, aaron, i hav a request, make a 1280 x 800 for me. when u back KL, remember to help take photo for my collections!

  2. @woaychee: Your requested resolution has been added and also a PSP edition. 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. That EVA Festival Special Edition looks pretty cool! Thanks for the wallpaper, been looking for an EVA one.

  4. @Otaku Surf: Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding on my part there (>_<). This EVA is not the one from the Wonder Festival. It is actually from the Playstation 2 game which came out on 2003. I will cover the WF EVA after I’m finished with all the back-to-back events 😉

  5. That’s a nice one. Hope to see more of you =)

  6. I truly admire your shot. I hope you had other pose. ^^ Keep it up!

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