Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007

This week is packed with events, with Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 today, Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks and Wonder Festival Summer 2007 tomorrow (x_x). I will skip the Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks as I’m already dead tired plus I wanted to attend Wonder Festival too tomorrow. So got up early today and head out to Ikebukuro Sunshine City (池袋サンシャインシティ) where the event was held…

¤ Caution! Content is loaded with images 🙂 really [120 images, ~2MB]
¤ Note: Every images here have high resolution size, just click on the image to view the its full glory.

Sunshine City


Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007 Entrance

Then to the Expo, where I was greeted with life size Gundams,

Gundam Timeline Section

Middle/Card Section

Full-scale Zaku head? Awsome 😉

Now I know how heavy is one gundam O_O

Figure/Special Section

Chibi-Kawaii~ desu~

Marry me ❤

RX-78-2 Wooden Style

Extended MS In Action / Fix Figuration Section

High Complete Model Section

SD Section

I love this section! cabinet full of gundam’s and so colorful. Wait till you see the Dynasty Kingdom BB Warrior Romance Of The Three Kingdoms: Gathering of the Heroes Chapter (BB戦士 三国伝 風雲豪傑編) SD Gundam!

MG 1-100th Countdown Section

The 100th MG

PG/Misc Section

C3XHOBBY Section

GUNDAM 00 Section

Of course I leave the best for the last as did them 🙂

The End.. Finally..

My 2000 yen haul 🙂

Ok, I call it done. That was way more pictures that I thought it would be. I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 as I do taking and posting it here. So, big Wonder Festival tomorrow! Got to hit the sack early tonight.


12 responses to “Gundam Expo Tokyo 2007

  1. yo man.. is really cool.. i wish i can go there with you ..

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  3. Great pics for a great event! I really like some of those new SD Gundams, especially the one’s you got. I may have to start getting those. After looking at those PG and MG’s I really need to start painting mine, you can really tell the difference.

    The HCM Pro’s of Gundam 00 look pretty nice and that MG Destiny looks like a must buy. Great coverage!

  4. i wish all SD(s) are belong to me!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow… it’s like a historical museum!
    I wana see this with my own eyes, and shoot with my own camera!

  6. Did i just saw 3 PGs from Gundam 00? It says 1/60. Can you confirm this please ^^

  7. @Bruce: You went back just 1 month late (>_<). Nvm still got next year.

    @fixt: Yeah those new SD are really nice and I never liked SD before this.

    @woaychee: You will have to get a entire house worth of cabinets to fit all those in haha.

    @JSJ: It really does 🙂 especially the MG 1st-100th section.

    @DanLen: Yes there are in 1/60 scale PG. There also did make an appearance at Chara Hobby 2007 event. I really like their smooth plastics quality in this PG.

  8. WoW, Bandai is really going for the sales in this new Gundam series. Oh well, i like the new design anyway and hoping that they would make alot of PGs starting from now on. I was just suprise that there are 3 PGs already made before they even televise it in Japan.

  9. By the way, this might be a newbie question. I just got into HCM Pro lately and my first model for it was the Freedom Gundam. Few weeks later, I was surfin’ in the net and found MSIA. I just want to know what is their difference? I noticed that MSIA got a wide selection of gundams compare to HCM Pro. Anyone care to share?

  10. can you give me the complete list of sd gundams? tnx

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