It’s Summer, It’s Hot, It’s Foxkeh!


Fox who?
Foxkeh! the cute Japan mascot for Mozilla Firefox.

Someone asked me about the little cute fox as my SpreadFirefox banner. I guess not many know about this true to Japan kawaii~ mascot as even I don’t know about it until recently. Take a spin at the official website here, get Foxkeh on your desktop or maybe you would like to see extra content at their japanese website here.

If you are looking for the banner try here. I noticed the banner change according to season which is nice šŸ™‚

Go Foxkeh!


3 responses to “It’s Summer, It’s Hot, It’s Foxkeh!

  1. KAWAII!!! LOL! I will be posting this soon on my blog. Thankx for the link!

  2. nice picture !

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