Midsummer Festival

Holy, it’s scorching hot today in Japan. Reminds me a lot when I’m in the Penang island in Malaysia. Went out earlier today to find professional cleaning service for my DSLR camera as I cannot remove some of the dust that has settle down on the sensor. By the time I found the camera service center it was almost time to close, and I need my camera tonight.

There is a fireworks display for midsummer festival around my area tonight. So I got myself the tripod, camera and head down. It’s quite a walk too, about an hour.

Midsummer Festival Fireworks Display

The fireworks display lasted almost 2 hours and I have taken almost 300 pictures, but due to space I will try to upload only my best shot. Here I will display some of my favorite shot taken. By the way, this is my first time taking fireworks display, I hope it is ok.

Here we reach the start of the Midsummer Festival
Look at the flood of people .. gosh.
(Click for larger view)

It’s a bit dark here sorry about that
O_O But can you count the number of people here?
(Click for larger view)

Fireworks start-to!
Sometimes I might miss full frame like this
because I’m just right below it 😛
(Click for larger view)

Boom Boom Bang Kapooow!
I can feel the shockwave from where I am taking this
(Click for larger view)

Is that Milky Way?
That one just looks like a galaxy, don’t need to go into space to see it
(Click for larger view)

A close-up of a Milky Way
(Click for larger view)

Largest light saber ~swaaag ~swoong
(Click for larger view)

Multi-color particle exploding at the same time
(Click for larger view)

The Singles
(Click for larger view)

And on the right we have the Worm
(Click for larger view)

The Firetail
(Click for larger view)

On the right we have, er, exploding flower.. duh.
(Click for larger view)

Pretty red…
(Click for larger view)

The Finale
(Click for larger view)

A Couple And The Finale, Awww….
(Click for larger view)

In another word, THE END, FIN..
(Click for larger view)

Added on 02:05
Here is one of the events apart from fireworks display, I called it Hellfire River!

The river is starting to burn, burn..
(Click for larger view)

Burning more.. white hot
(Click for larger view)

Red Hot
(Click for larger view)

Aww.. no more?
(Click for larger view)


4 responses to “Midsummer Festival

  1. Lovely pics. glad the camera got fixed.

  2. Great Shot there. The worms one look interesting. Hmm must be a hot summer u from Malaysia Penang? But Japan will get cold soon in winter.

  3. Forgot to add where can I download those firefox badges on your site they are quite cute would like to flash them on my site ^^; email me or leave a replay on my website

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