Ignis: The Demon Slayer

Alright, after taking up almost entire day playing with the indoor lighting here is my first female figure, IGNIS sculpted by Masato Kitade.

From what I found out, Ignis is from a game called Jingai Makyo and from their screenshot it looks like a japanese partial eroge *cough* about slaying demon *I think*.The anime art of Ignis is really cool, I like the cover art, worth to do a wallpaper if I have hi-res scan of it.

So here is what I got after hours of tweaking the lighting *this was harder than I thought*.

<< Oh, I know there is demon lurking here, watching me >>
(Click to view larger)

Full figure front and back
(Click to view larger)

Her blood soaking demon slaying katana
(Click to view larger)

Close up
(Click to view larger)

Later that night…
I noticed there is some bluish tint around the figure, could be the camera auto white balance selecting the wrong temperature. So I set the white balance to daylight and…

I’m not sure about the hair, but the dress butterfly should be light pink
(Click to view larger)

Her tiny wing(?) reminds me of Etna from Disgaea
(Click to view larger)

I just love katana 🙂
(Click to view larger)

(Click to view larger)

Is she related to Batman? …where are you looking at
(Click to view larger)

Overall, the daylight white balance turns out to be quite nice afterall. Much better than all those blueish tint.

I wanted to try with other than pure black backdrop, but I don’t have paper of that size yet. Ignis black dress seems to absorb onto the dark backdrop here. I will post more picture with her on different backdrop later and next up, Revy from Black Lagoon!

Oh right, I just received another Revoltech Evangelion EVA-02. The red one that is piloted by Asuka Langley 🙂

Updated on 2007 August 09,

After reading up on the leaning figures around the web and particularly on this beautiful Ignis figure at Anime Desho Desho? – My Leaning Ignis, I quickly take a look at mine at the cabinet. Oh no! it seems to be leaning a little too. Ignis was able to stand on its own before, now due to the slight leaning that balance have been compromised.

For now I think she will go into the box until I figure out a way to avoid the warping or let her hibernate the entire summer. My apartment doesn’t help as I’m currently staying at the highest floor and for the most part of the day I would be out working leaving my apartment vulnerable to the hot 32°C (~90°F) summer heat.


One response to “Ignis: The Demon Slayer

  1. Hoho…woaychee would be so happy to see these pictures. Very nice indeed.

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