Figure Attack!


My summer holiday would be pretty much at home right now. I spent most of my time indulging into my new hobby, collecting figures. I never wanted to do this, I keep telling myself no, yet I finally gave in after what I have saw in sites like and At least my DSLR got the workout it supposed to haha :).

It’s sunny and hot today, so I went Akihabara to shop for some figure as subject and materials for my D.I.Y indoor fake studio lighting (thanks to HappySoda for this :)). I stay in a typical Japanese city apartment and there is no backyard for me to use the almighty sun.

So here is the payload;

Figure subject:

  • Black Lagoon Revy by Alter
  • Ignis by Max Factory

D.I.Y fake studio lighting kit:

  • 2x Clip-type desktop lamp
  • Tracing paper
  • Color paper
  • Metal frames for the head light


  • SLIK tripod (more for the upcoming summer firework display)

Wallet suffered -25,000 yen hit.
This was a bit above my targeted budget, but I never knew finding a daylight desktop lamp could be so hard (searching it for hours) and so expensive!

Setting up the lighting rig took some experimenting around, but I think I settle with what I have for now and keep tweaking it as I go. So here is the first shot/try:

REVOLTECH Mass Production Type & EVA-01 Type F
(Click for larger view)

Second try, with flat angle and adjusted lighting
(Click for larger view)

Max shadow, deep black background test
EVA-01 ambushed in the darkness
(Click for larger view)

Ok, Revy and Ignis are still in the box hehe. I will take them later on and use these recently bought Evangelion Revoltech figure as a testbed. Both of these sell for around 1,800 yen and it’s really worth it. The joint used in these figure uses the Revoltech Joint which allow them to create realistic pose. I like these joint a lot, instead of the free flowing limited joint used in most figure.

Compare with the previous image on my last entry, using the control fake lighting really helps a lot. What a relief that I didn’t choose the cheaper incandescent desktop lamp. Although I do think the intensity of the light is a bit weak. I have to counter that with long shutter exposure and tripod to get deeper depth-of-field.

Some random fun,

Arcia Rinslet gashapon from Chaos Legion PS2 game
(Click for larger view)

If you view it 100% you can see the ugly seems on the PVC, but what can you expect from 200 yen?! Did I mention that she is only as big as my thumb?

Here is some picture behind the scene, featuring my rough and quick fake lighting studio

Upcoming next, Ignis and Revy! Gun + Katana + Girls never goes wrong ๐Ÿ™‚


6 responses to “Figure Attack!

  1. Oh wow that frame thing looks like it would come in handy. Glad to see it working out for you.

  2. @super rats: Thanks! your tutorial really helps a lot for me. Your pictures are really nice too. The frame was actually meant to be the actual studio itself, but I find it too small in the end. So instead of wasting it, I just do a makeshift and create something like those in studio to hold the head light ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. That’s real nice. I should set one up too though I’m worried about the kind of reaction people would give me when they do find out I’m taking pictures of figures.

  4. @k0: Just tell them it’s macro photography and figure as the subject as do professional photographer with models as their subject ๐Ÿ™‚

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