Well, I’m back hehe. As usual I was preoccupied with my stuff and blogging was put aside for a while. Last weekend was pretty wild at my place with typhoon and the earthquake that struck Niigata Prefecture which gave me the longest left-right swing (~4 min) ride. And I just continue on sleeping only to found out later there is a huge quake at Niigata LOL.

Again, usual Akiba visit today to get some stuff for my friends in Malaysia. See the stuff I got after the jump 😉

friends stuff, Gundam stand and white marker

REVOLTECH EVA-01 Type F AFC Experiment Model & Tales of the World: RM for PSP

EVA unpacked, high-quality rubberize plastic


3 responses to “Daijoubu~

  1. lol…welcome back

  2. @Jason: Hehe, thanks. Just hope next month will fly by fast so Tokyo Game Show ’07 will be around the corner. 🙂

  3. aaron, thanks for helping to grab those toys. i love u so much. i wont forget to treat u spicy pan mee!

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