Kuruma Otaku, PSP and Akiba

Ok, this is a compilation of few blogs that I suppose to be blogging but I got into a deadlock gaming session with my DS, PSP (I bought it o_o) and PS3.

This few weeks been pretty busy since my friend from Malaysia came over. So basically we went around Tokyo but most of the time we went to Akiba again hehe. This is THE heaven for anything to do with anime, consoles, games, maids (look up maid cafe), computers, models, figures, etc. etc…

We have Densha Otaku, and now here we have Kuruma Otaku,
You gotta love the Otaku Fuel and Moe.. sticker. LOL.

More after the jump…

Promoting open source?

Akiba Maids,

Yummy, my favorite trader shop. They sell a lot of used console games at really low price if you don’t mind.

They even have special edition portables like,

And this is the shop that I usually go to get my import fix,

So, I got it, PSP.

Also, got Odin Shere. If you like Valkyrie Profile on PS, you will definitely dig this. PS2 doesn’t want to die yet eh.


6 responses to “Kuruma Otaku, PSP and Akiba

  1. argh…. i want PSP too!!!!

    Japan still got this old “kuruma”?

  2. Japan got all types of cars, from old to small to sport imports to humvee…etc. But still most are k-cars.

  3. woaychee… you know you want one 😛

  4. woaychee, got Final Fantasy Crisis Core wor…

  5. no money at the moment…

  6. I want one too… Is the psp there as hyped as DS? What about the price ar? Cheap?

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