All I want now is a PSP

So, to buy PSP or not. Why PSP?
I’m pretty sure the trigger for my gadget-o-meter is Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Dissidia. Square-o-Square, why-o-why do you have to create another Final Fantasy and fuel it with trailers @ SE Party 2007.

Worst still FFVII was one of the first FF games I’ve played and it’s forever burned into my brain cells.

But other than MGS, God of War, Monster Hunter and FF games what others are worth getting in PSP games library now?


3 responses to “All I want now is a PSP

  1. Ho ho ho. Dont start on PSP man.. I am also looking forward for PSP. Need something to stop my addiction for Pretty Graphic game known as WoW Syndrome. PSP will be the best with the coming FF game, GOW, MGS, Monster Hunter, Ridge Racer Loco Roco!

    I think my budget is going to be tighter then my pants…

  2. If it doesn’t work out, it would make for a nice…. paperweight

  3. Right now its my oversize video player and a remote PS3 controller. Though there are some few games out now like MGS:PO to last tille FF:CC is out :P.

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