Square Enix Party 2007

2:40am, 12 May 2007 – 9 more hours will SE Party begins. I should be sleeping right now as most probably I’ll be going there early in the morning to Chiba, Makuhari Messe. Will post a lot of picture and videos later today.

9:30am – Half an hour more till SE Party opens to the general public. I might reach there around noon as Chiba is quite a distant from here (about an hour and half). Check back soon…

7:20pm – Just came back from Square Enix Party and I’m so tired. So I just let the pictures do the talking for now. For now I can confirmed that they will be Final Fantast IV remake for DS (just like FFIII) in 3D, and a title from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series is coming out for Wii as well.

More images after the jump…

Makuhari Messe -International Convention Complex-

The entrance to SE Party 2007

The friendly Chocobo

Actually there is too many to post one by one here, just go to my Picasa Web album to see the rest (^_^’)

Update: Added some picture from the SE Party Archives book I bought for ¥1000, sorry no scanner here. So I just took some interesting pages from the archives with my camera 😉

Square Enix Party 2007 Archives

Update: Did some cropping and cleanup using Photoshop on one of the poster featuring Final Fantasy IV for Nintendo DS.

Final Fantasy IV for DS


2 responses to “Square Enix Party 2007

  1. I am superbly jealous of you right now… Damn it! That poster! The idea of brushing shoulder with squareenix developer! GAH!!!

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