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Kuruma Otaku, PSP and Akiba

Ok, this is a compilation of few blogs that I suppose to be blogging but I got into a deadlock gaming session with my DS, PSP (I bought it o_o) and PS3.

This few weeks been pretty busy since my friend from Malaysia came over. So basically we went around Tokyo but most of the time we went to Akiba again hehe. This is THE heaven for anything to do with anime, consoles, games, maids (look up maid cafe), computers, models, figures, etc. etc…

We have Densha Otaku, and now here we have Kuruma Otaku,
You gotta love the Otaku Fuel and Moe.. sticker. LOL.

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All I want now is a PSP

So, to buy PSP or not. Why PSP?
I’m pretty sure the trigger for my gadget-o-meter is Final Fantasy: Crisis Core and Dissidia. Square-o-Square, why-o-why do you have to create another Final Fantasy and fuel it with trailers @ SE Party 2007.

Worst still FFVII was one of the first FF games I’ve played and it’s forever burned into my brain cells.

But other than MGS, God of War, Monster Hunter and FF games what others are worth getting in PSP games library now?

Square Enix Party 2007

2:40am, 12 May 2007 – 9 more hours will SE Party begins. I should be sleeping right now as most probably I’ll be going there early in the morning to Chiba, Makuhari Messe. Will post a lot of picture and videos later today.

9:30am – Half an hour more till SE Party opens to the general public. I might reach there around noon as Chiba is quite a distant from here (about an hour and half). Check back soon…

7:20pm – Just came back from Square Enix Party and I’m so tired. So I just let the pictures do the talking for now. For now I can confirmed that they will be Final Fantast IV remake for DS (just like FFIII) in 3D, and a title from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series is coming out for Wii as well.

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I’m back

Been busy lately with my work, even on Golden Week (x_x).

Anyway, this will be one busy week with work, friends coming to stay with me (^_^) and Square Enix Party 2007 on the weekends. I thought there is already enough Final Fantasy games announced by SE. Seems I was wrong, there is another one in the hidding for PSP which will be reveal at the Party.

SQUARE ENIX Party 2007 TV Spot

Fallout 3 is Alive!

..and 33 more days for the first teaser trailer

Fallout 3

I’ve always been a fan of the long lost Fallout 2 game. It’s one of those few western RPG that I’m interested in. Bethesda (the developer for the well known Elder Scrolls series e.g. Oblivion) has bought the Fallout IP from Interplay for $5.75 million on April 9.

What happen after that, the forum for Fallout 3 are filled with suggestion and expectation from Fallout fans around the globe. It almost seems like Fallout 3 are created by fans to fans.

Here is the old Fallout 3 (Van Buren) trailer before it went quite. The old trailer looks a lot like the old Fallout 2.