It’s finally here!~
Well, tomorrow to be exact (2006.04.26) when Square Enix Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for Nintendo DS release in Japan. I will be dropping by Akihabara tomorrow night after work to check it out.

Rumors has it that the game will be out sometime later this year for North America, maybe early/mid Autumn. EU version won’t be out until 2008. I don’t think I can wait that long, maybe I’ll grab a Japanese version first. At least this will force me to open my hiragana/katakana and kanji book XD.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is a sequel to the previous Final Fantasy XII on PS2. Even so, SE has said that it will have a fresh start so even those that didn’t play FFXII can enjoy it as well. SE also stated that FFXII:RW will be aimed towards entry-level RPG. So the game would be easier compare to its bigger brother FFXII, as if Final Fantasy games isn’t easy enough already.

Now don’t misunderstood me when I said easier here. It doesn’t mean the game is not on par with the usual Final Fantasy standard. I have a feeling this would not be as bad as it could be after all the screenshot and short gameplay video that I have seen around the net.

So enjoy yourself with the screenshot candy I found on eg website (with Japanese explanation)

eg screenshot 1
eg screenshot 2
eg screenshot 3
eg screenshot 4
eg screenshot 5
eg screenshot 6
eg screenshot 7
eg screenshot 8
eg screenshot 9
eg screenshot 10
eg screenshot 11
eg screenshot 12

Here is someone playing it for the first couple of minutes (including intro movie!)

Love the embedded DS Lite edition for FFXII:RW, how I wish I bought mine later. But if the normal DS Lite was so hard to get in Japan, will I even have the slightest chance of even seeing this in store?

Revenant Wings ~Sky Pirate Edition~

Nintendo DS Lite (Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings ~Sky Pirate Edition~)

There is also some new wallpaper up to 1280×1024 up for grabs at the official FFXII:RW website.


4 responses to “FINAL FANTASY XII: Revenant Wings

  1. i want the game, super nice demo video

  2. Yeah, I wasn’t really into this before I saw the video. At least this time Square make full use of the DS Dual screen and touch screen compare to its previous FFIII.

  3. Jejeje, its my video, sorry about the quality

    Its not a bad game, but the sprites are horrible (true), CGs and music are nice

  4. @stranno : Thanks for making the video hehe. It look really nice, I like FF tactics before and the gameplay of FFXII:RW looks really like it.

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