A.ki.ba. 「あきば」 (aka. Akihabara 「秋葉原」)

Went to Akiba again today to get some accessories for my new DS and checking out some more games to add to my collection.

Clockwise from the top:

  • GAMETECH Clear DS Cartridge case
    Simple, clear and protect. What else you want more from it?

  • Keys Factory (Licensed by Nintendo) Cargo Pocket DS Lite
    I don’t like the extra thickness added by those hard case and silicon protector. This is enough for me. It is nice too, the lining in the case is made of microfiber material and its padded for extra protection.
  • HORI Cleaning Cloth DS Lite
    The clear hard plastic case of DS Lite is a fingerprint magnet. Even worst than those on the iPod. I can’t imagine those with darker color DS where the fingerprint will stick out like sore thumb. The cloth is made out of microfiber so cleaning those fingerprints are easy even oil.

  • Nintendo WiFi USB Connector
    I know you can setup wireless router to connect the DS, but my router have some issues with the WEP security and Windows WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration). Since WEP security is not recommended, WZC tends to roam around when there is ‘better‘ connection found. This cause frequent break on a perfectly fine working connection. No thank you WZC.

  • Lunar Knights by KONAMI
    I’ve only been an hour into it to do any sort of review now. Maybe just the first impression. There is already tons of reviews of this AAA game in the net.
    All I can say, the minute I started up the game in the train on my way back I was hooked (almost missed my station >_<).

    After a few minutes I started notice some of those Kojima (creators of METAL GEAR SOLID) trademark in the game. The story is nice, nice combination of sharp 2D sprite with 3D effects, nice music, movies and of course the gameplay!

    Futhermore, I can save anywhere! LOL ( –> Final Fantasy III <– ). Alright enough typing, more Lunar Knights…


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