Finally I’ve just added Nintendo DS to my already fully loaded game station. Getting a DS in Japan is a feat by itself LOL when every man, women, girl, boy, dog in japan has DS. Its crazy.

I bought this last week, and the total sales by Nintendo DS from April 9th through the 15th in Japan was nothing less than 133,325 unit (O_o). Numbers are nothing, you have to see it yourself.

So, reached Akihabara on a windy afternoon last week and as usual some band are in front of the station performing.

I never really planned to get a Nintendo DS this time, just visiting around Akihabara to check out if there is anything interesting. To my surprise, Yodobashi-Akiba has Nintendo DS in stock! (I was confused, cause I’ve been here so many times and it is always out of stock).

So in I go to the already long queue and my ticket to Nintendo DS.

Okay, number 268. That is not so bad right? or not?

Ok, maybe not. Now I just pray…

– After 2 hours –

Nice. (^_^). Its the iPod of the portable console.


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