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Golden Week (?) 2007 Start~to!

Golden Week, (Grey Week?)

It’s finally here, the Golden Week where most of the japanese take the entire week off from their work and go for vacation. For start, it looks like it is going to rain anytime soon (again!?).

It’s a bit late now to plan for any vacation as hotel and flights are fully booked 6 months ahead. Have I mention everything triples on Golden Week? yes, x3. My original plan to go to Okinawa (沖縄県) for 3 days 2 nights shattered when I found out the price increase to a total of 180,000 yen (that’s RM5173!). I think I’ll stay home and hibernate the entire week. LOL.

Anyway, what I’m waiting for is after the Golden Week. It seems that Square Enix is throwing a party on 2007.5.13 at Makuhari Messe (previously held events like Tokyo Game Show).


I think its basically just like Tokyo Game Show but only focusing on Square Enix. Other than showcase of current SE games there are also showcasing the upcoming games like:

I’ll cover more of this later this week and what it has to offer.




It’s finally here!~
Well, tomorrow to be exact (2006.04.26) when Square Enix Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for Nintendo DS release in Japan. I will be dropping by Akihabara tomorrow night after work to check it out.

Rumors has it that the game will be out sometime later this year for North America, maybe early/mid Autumn. EU version won’t be out until 2008. I don’t think I can wait that long, maybe I’ll grab a Japanese version first. At least this will force me to open my hiragana/katakana and kanji book XD.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is a sequel to the previous Final Fantasy XII on PS2. Even so, SE has said that it will have a fresh start so even those that didn’t play FFXII can enjoy it as well. SE also stated that FFXII:RW will be aimed towards entry-level RPG. So the game would be easier compare to its bigger brother FFXII, as if Final Fantasy games isn’t easy enough already.

Now don’t misunderstood me when I said easier here. It doesn’t mean the game is not on par with the usual Final Fantasy standard. I have a feeling this would not be as bad as it could be after all the screenshot and short gameplay video that I have seen around the net.

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Super Mario Bros gone wrong


Looks like someone have some free time on their hand to create a SMB that looks like it’s in the alpha version LOL.

Haloid – The Shocker

This has been around the internet for a week, so if you haven’t seen it go see it now. What would you have when you have Master Chief from Halo + Samus from Metroid Prime + Homemade video?

You’ll get Haloid by Monty Oum.

Impressive, this has to be the best home made game video I have seen even though it’s reeked with fanservice and matrix lol. I have a good laugh in the end.

Check out the original post at GameTrailers.

There is also a High Definition version of the video at GameTrailers too, here.

The shock is a nice touch ;). 「あきば」 (aka. Akihabara 「秋葉原」)

Went to Akiba again today to get some accessories for my new DS and checking out some more games to add to my collection.

Clockwise from the top:

  • GAMETECH Clear DS Cartridge case
    Simple, clear and protect. What else you want more from it?

  • Keys Factory (Licensed by Nintendo) Cargo Pocket DS Lite
    I don’t like the extra thickness added by those hard case and silicon protector. This is enough for me. It is nice too, the lining in the case is made of microfiber material and its padded for extra protection.
  • HORI Cleaning Cloth DS Lite
    The clear hard plastic case of DS Lite is a fingerprint magnet. Even worst than those on the iPod. I can’t imagine those with darker color DS where the fingerprint will stick out like sore thumb. The cloth is made out of microfiber so cleaning those fingerprints are easy even oil.

  • Nintendo WiFi USB Connector
    I know you can setup wireless router to connect the DS, but my router have some issues with the WEP security and Windows WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration). Since WEP security is not recommended, WZC tends to roam around when there is ‘better‘ connection found. This cause frequent break on a perfectly fine working connection. No thank you WZC.

  • Lunar Knights by KONAMI
    I’ve only been an hour into it to do any sort of review now. Maybe just the first impression. There is already tons of reviews of this AAA game in the net.
    All I can say, the minute I started up the game in the train on my way back I was hooked (almost missed my station >_<).

    After a few minutes I started notice some of those Kojima (creators of METAL GEAR SOLID) trademark in the game. The story is nice, nice combination of sharp 2D sprite with 3D effects, nice music, movies and of course the gameplay!

    Futhermore, I can save anywhere! LOL ( –> Final Fantasy III <– ). Alright enough typing, more Lunar Knights…


Finally I’ve just added Nintendo DS to my already fully loaded game station. Getting a DS in Japan is a feat by itself LOL when every man, women, girl, boy, dog in japan has DS. Its crazy.

I bought this last week, and the total sales by Nintendo DS from April 9th through the 15th in Japan was nothing less than 133,325 unit (O_o). Numbers are nothing, you have to see it yourself.

So, reached Akihabara on a windy afternoon last week and as usual some band are in front of the station performing.

I never really planned to get a Nintendo DS this time, just visiting around Akihabara to check out if there is anything interesting. To my surprise, Yodobashi-Akiba has Nintendo DS in stock! (I was confused, cause I’ve been here so many times and it is always out of stock).

So in I go to the already long queue and my ticket to Nintendo DS.

Okay, number 268. That is not so bad right? or not?

Ok, maybe not. Now I just pray…

– After 2 hours –

Nice. (^_^). Its the iPod of the portable console.